I have been fascinated for years with the sound and feeling generated by the didgeridoo in both its native setting and when used with more modern instruments. One of my favorite bands uses the didgeridoo along with bagpipes. I decided, awhile back, to do more research on the didgeridoo and made some interesting discoveries.

Much of the work in forming a didgeridoo is done by termites. Native Australians (Aboriginal prehistoric inhabitants of Australia) harvest select sections of Eucalyptus, hollowed by feeding termites, and spend a great deal of time refining the instrument.

Did you know that each didgeridoo has a unique sound but also produces sound in a musical key? This varies with the instrument due to a number of factors. The didgeridoo is appearing more and more in ‘modern music’ and if you listen for them you might catch one in a concert or television commercial.

When I decided to learn more about the didgeridoo I found what I feel is a reputable company that provides genuine Didgeridoo for sale. Their Didgeridoo are made, tuned, painted, by Aboriginal craftsmen to benefit Aboriginal people. What better place to buy a didgeridoo?

If you find yourself short of breath, you might want to try a bullroarer, boomerang or... LOL

I’ll have more information here in the near future, but for now I suggest you take a look at the Didjshop and its products. I can't say you will fall in love with the sound as I have, but you'll have fun.

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