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Not only collage but some high schools are now requiring extensive reading of outside materials. Students may also need to order special materials for honors and advanced placement classes. Used text books can result in a big savings. Using a book service, such as AbeBooks can save students even more money. Money for food, movies and life in general.

Use the links below to search for your books. Remember to ask your instructor if there is a specific edition (or check the edition in your school's book store) so that you get exactly what they want for the class. One way to be positive of selecting the right book for your classes is to copy down the International Standard Book Number or ISBN from the book the instructor wants you to use, look on the back cover and inside near where the copyright information is found. Do not rely on a number given to you by someone else, or found on the shelf in the book store - sometimes these can be wrong. The exception is when the instructor gives you a handout with the number, and if his number does not match those on the books in the book store ask him about it before making a purchase. In most cases the edition is not crucial for works of fiction that you are assigned to read, but it never hurts to ask if its OK to get any edition.

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Sometimes classmates, or mail sources will have used books heavily marked that propose to give you the advantage of having what is important to the class underlined. Don't trust these, they can be unreliable and if you rely on these you might lower your grade. (How do you know the person who marked up the book made a good grade? If they did make the grade in the class how do you know how much their outside reading contributed?) This does not mean that you have to reject any book marked in but that you still need to do your own reading and underlining in the text.

While used books can save you some big bucks remember to get the book the instructor wants.

You can use this link to find those all so necessary textbooks at a savings. Remember to bookmark this page for your future searches.

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